Usairways spending 50mil dollars to update interiors

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their spending 50mil for all 300 plane interiors…thats less than the cost for an middle sized airbus


There’s a lot of things in play here that required this.

  1. All the former HP aircraft have HP logos on the bulkheads and seats, these need to go. Also, by standardizing the US and HP aircraft to one interior, they don’t have to stock both sets of parts.
  2. Star Alliance has pretty high standards for First Class, they need to upgrade their first and business cabins to these standards.
  3. Most of the 757’s are pretty early production and getting pretty tired.




America West.
That’s why I always preach that you shouldn’t use an abbreviation unless it is either very well known (e.g. FAA) or you spell it out first (e.g. HP (America West)).