USAirways 4410 ex Ithaca Diverted for Smoke in Cockpit

Dash 8 enroute to PHlL diverted to ABE after pilot smelled smoke on the flight deck.

Nothing interesting ever diverts into ABE, it’s always just DH-8’s and ERJ’s. You know you are near a quiet airport when you get excited about A321’s and 737’s. :slight_smile:

Tell me about it I love to hear the Frontier A319 and UAL 737’s come in to Dayton. Best thing besides the airshow…

Interesting to hear others peak of getting excited over a321’s and b737’s at their home airport. Im in East Tennessee, KTRI is the airport. My daily commute to work takes me under the usual approach for the airport, and im lucky to catch the NW Saab or maybe a RJ. A couple of weeks ago i was on my way to work, i looked up and saw a Frontier a319 on approach. Needless to say i nearly killed myself staring up through my windshield, running nearly all four wheels off the shoulder, but alas, recovered. Turns out it was just a chartered flight. Anybody else with some small town airport stories?

Does riding go carts at 40mph down the runway, drunk, at midnight, count?

Or blasting 3 inch mortor type fireworks on the ramp, drunk, without the mortar tube?

Or dropping a large can of baked beans into a field from ~400ft in a 152? (not drunk)

Or landing the electric R/C airplane in the taxiway so the airplane in the pattern can land, only to witness said airplane flare high, stall, drag a wingtip on the runway, add power, cross the grass and the taxiway, skid across the ramp between the flight school’s only twin and a 2005 King Air B200 before coming to a stop?..and then having to run in to the UNICOM frequency to keep the guy from taking off again?

Or doing a low pass down the runway with the smoke on, only to have someone driving on the road nearby the airport call the cops thinking they were witnessing an aircraft “going down”?

I have more, I’ll keep thinking.