USA Today Article on "Premium Service" Airlines


USA Today (3/14/2006) had a piece on MaxJet and EOS, two airlines offering “Premium Service” to England. Neither of these airlines was queryable from FA. I think I found them using the city pairs (KJFK-EGSS). MXJ and ESS seem to fit the bill, based on departure times and flight frequencies. However, they are listed as “Unknown Owner” and “Taes (Tecsa)”, so I can’t be sure.

The article also mentioned UAL “P.S” flights. The UAL website said that UAL 76 is one of these flights, but that fligHT flies to PHNL, not JFK-SFO/LAX like the article states.

MaxJet flies a 767 with 102 seats for $1500 R/T. Eos flies a 757 with 48 seats for $6500 R/T. The United P.S. service costs $1000-4500 depending on class and when you book.


Nice background articles on EOS and MAXjet can be found in Airliners magazine (No. 97, January/February 2006), pages 63-66.