USA(DFW) to Germany(DUSS)

Can anyone advise on the best and most affordable way to get from DFW to Munich or Dusseldorf Germany. I am wanting to plan a trip to Germany for a few days for Oktobersfest and then possibly train to Venice and Venice back to DFW…any good suggestions??
Thanks so much! :smiley:

Take Lufthansa from KDFW to EDDF and from EDDF to DUSS also by Lufthansa

Return flight I would do DUSS to KORD from KORD to KDFW.

Check online for pricing have fun! is a good way to compare fares quickly.

There is a train station right in the Frankfurt airport. There are several departures every hour and the travel time is generally less than 90 minutes to Dusseldorf and several hours to Munich depending on the number of stops. Most of the shorter duration connections on LH are via the train anyway so you may as well get used to their timetables. The Munich airport is good but way out of town so the train is good if you have to connect from FRA. Munich has quite a few flights to the US, Dusseldorf a few, even Stuttgart has a couple. I’m pretty sure Venice will require a connection back to the US.

(the dates are European, day/mo/year. There are a couple of dozen Frankfurt stations, Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf is the airport. Hbf is the main station abbreviation used commonly everywhere. (Haupt bahn hof) bahn being rail and hof being house.

Second the suggestion to use the train; they are not like US trains (except NE corridor).

BTW it’s either EDDL or DUS.