USA 798 PHL-AMS return to PHL 11/29 - crew illness

90+ minutes into flight on 11/29, US Airways 798 returned to PHL. The return flight, USA 799, was delayed about 4 hours in Amsterdam. On board 799 yesterday (11/30), I overheard a flight attendant say that a crew member was sick – hence the return. Didn’t get any further details.

good catch.

and a 752 to amsterdam? i just dont understand usair

What don’t you understand? The 757 is an ideal aircraft for long distance flights that do not have many passengers and/or are low yielding.

Another thing to remember is that there may be enough passengers for an aircraft larger than the 757 but US Airways finds it’s more profitable to place these aircraft on higher yielding flights. The airline only has so many aircraft so it needs to make sure each aircraft is flying a suitable flight.

Many, if not most, people on this forum are probably too young to remember when all long distance flights were operated with narrow body aircraft. The 757 is about the same size as the 707 when it comes to the number of passengers carried. It is also the same width as the 707 and other Boeing narrow bodies.

are you saying they didnt sell enough tickets to warrant a widebody? my basic understanding is that bigger planes + fewer flights = more profits.

and ill add that i’d love to be on that flight that didnt have many pax


There are many factors to take into account when it comes to selecting an aircraft for a route such as number of passengers, the amount of cargo, and yield (i.e how much money the airline makes on a per seat-mile basis), among other things.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there was an average of 115 passengers a day from PHL to AMS from January 2008 to May 2009 (the latest data available).

Now if you had a choice of three aircraft to schedule for this route, would you schedule a 757 with about a 150 passenger capacity, a 767 holding about 180, or an A330 with about 240 seats for these 115 passengers?

(In case you’re wondering, the cargo carried on this route was about 4500 pounds or so each day, way below the maximum cargo load that can be carried by either of the widebodies mentioned above.)

thank you for the info.

i’d watch for quarterly or even monthly reports of pax/cargo. which the public airlines provide to the SEC anyway.

115 pax from PHL to AMS? BAW has that all business class a320

for numbers i wouldnt tend to go by PHL to AMS per say… delta, united or KLM would probably be more informative… so that raises the question why is USair even in AMS if it cant sell seats?

(sorry… edit … british has the a31x from london city to JFK… maybe thats a difference from AMS-PHL as far as transcontinental comparison)