USA 1797 today

My sister was on this flight, and it had to make an Medical Emergency stop at PIT… … /KPHL/KLAS

This was AFTER her ROC-PHL flight had been delayed due to equipment problems : , and she had to rebooked on this particular USA flight!

Hope her luck in Vegas is better than her travel luck so far!

Where there any fatalies on this aircraft?
Also, US Airways Sucks more than kissing a toilet seat in front of naked men. I got stranded at PHX for 2 DAYS!!! from August 23 to 25th, 2006.
I flew this route:
DTW- PHX (the NWA flight to SAN was oversold for 3 months).
PHX- CLD (Carlsbad, CA)- They had flights to Carlsbad from Phoenix
Carlsbad flight was CANCELLED!
diverted to SFO, laptop was damaged!
Finally, a flight from SFO to SAN on UNITED was offered, and landed at 11:59 PM!

If i had to fly US Airways, i will tell the flight attendant to open the emergency door, and kill myself falling down in the Atlantic Ocean or a Midwest Farm eaten alive by crazy pigs.

  • Fly Delta or Southwest. SOUTHWEST IS AMAZING!!!

2006, eh? Keep in mind that that was pre-AWE merger, and USA was already in a world of hurt by that time. Since AWE took over, your experience may be completely different now.