US Forces in Iraq - blow up disabled C130 - photo . . .


Aircraft took-off from Sather Air Base, next to Bagdad Airport, and made an emegency landing in a field on June 27/08. No injuries were reported.


I guess the NOLA cops won’t be showing up with their shopping carts.


now watch the video of $30.1 (minus engines) being blown to pieces.



:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I am so happy people read my posts. YES!

Are they blowing it up to move smaller pieces, or are they afraid of what a terrorist could do with it?


powerpoint from those on board.


The linked article above says they were “dismantling” it into seven pieces, which were then loaded onto flatbeds to be moved. I guess it beats a Sawzall !


LiveLeak Video