US/Canadian Pacific North-West area - multi-lateration gap



I am in Vancouver, BC and am configured as a SMU but successful PlanePlotter multi-laterations are almost non-existent, usually under ten per day.

Looking at the SharerLocation.gpx file, I see a large gap between Victoria, BC and Portland, OR. Perhaps there are ABS-B data suppliers in that area but no one appears to be providing multi-lateration data, at least not on a consistent basis. If someone in that gap could provide multilat data, PlanePlotter users would have a much greater chance to see the location of aircraft that are not yet equipped with ADS-B. From what I’m seeing, we could possible see fifty percent more aircraft with one of two more multilat data suppliers in that gap.



I started about a month ago in the Seattle area, and have been a GS/MU for a few weeks. I’ve seen some MLATs in the Vancouver & Victoria areas, but am having far more luck with the Portland area in general. I suspect another GS or 2 in the area would be markedly helpful.



Chris, in case you don’t see it, you have a message from me.



You can check here too :



Hello J-Luc

I have seen those maps before but the North American scales used do not allow the user codes to be read in many areas.

I use and download the gpx overlay. PlanePlotter can then show the ID codes and approximate locations.

With the recent software updates, ‘Ma’ (SMU) is now doing over 2,000 successful MLAT’s daily. We re-enabled SMU capability last weekend. Prior to that, as a SMU ‘Ma’ was lucky to get ten successes a day and we stopped trying. The majority (70%+) of the MLAT successes we have now are within a one hundred or so mile area around Portland. There is still a fairly large MLAT gap between the 46.50N and 43.50N range but I feel that will get filled with one or two more Seattle area PlanePlotter users. Someone providing MLAT data from the Lower Fraser Valley and another in the Bellingham or San Juan Islands area would probably make a huge difference around Vancouver.

A bit long-winded, especially when the MLAT successes are only visible in PlanePlotter; I don’t think MLAT decodes can be sent outside the Planelotter user network.