US Airways new EMB-190


Here it is the new bird I really like it I hope they will have service with them in BTV.


I like it also. I hope they bring it to FLL


How long can they fly Brazilian-registered planes?

“PT-SIL” on the pic.


There hasn’t been any restrictions for many years now on USA-based airlines flying aircraft registered in foreign countries. So, the answer to your question is “until they re-register it.”


please come to bna!!! 8)


No, I’m happy here in the Bay Area.


hahah i meant the a/c but you can come too! haha


Mmmmm…interesting! It doesn’t work that way for ships. U.S.-owned ships must have U.S.-flag registry.


Ummm… no.

Under Cabotagerules only US registered vessels can carry passengers or cargo between US ports. The same rule applies to aircraft in the US and most countries. E.g., you can’t purchase a ticket to fly Lufthansa from JFK to ORD.

But there’s no requirement that US owned vessels solely be US flagged.


I’ve got to give you credit for a blocked shot, James.

I was thinking back to a Commercial Law class taken too long ago. The Jones Act required all US-owned ships that received a federal subsidy to be built at a US shipyard and be US-registered.

Maybe the days of federal subsidies have ended, cuz there sure are a lot of US-owned vessels with Panamanian or Liberian flags. Also there are a lot of vessels built in foreign yards, financed by foreign capital, registered overseas, and owned by offshore subsidiaries of US corporations.

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No problem, you were briefly on my court. (No pun intended.)

Had you written that US flagged vessels were required to be built in US yards under the Jones Act, you would have been correct in principle, although there is the ability to obtain Congressional relief from the Act. Mere US ownership of a vessel doesn’t inherently carry any requirement that it be US flagged.

For the record, the Jones Act was suspended on 9/2/2005 after hurricane Katrina due to the inability of US shipyards to repair the large number of vessels damaged by the storm.


Thanks for giving me a better interpretation, James.