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US Airways/American Merger

So, I’m positive that the US Airways/American Airlines merger is running like a Swiss submarine - I’m booked on a flight on Tuesday - it’s a US Air ticket “operated” by American. Funny that they are supposedly one and the same airlines but whatever… same flight numbers for both “airlines” but apparently they still feel it’s different. I go to check my seat assignment, maybe upgrade on AA.com - it’s an American flight. It finds my res and when I click on view, tells me it’s taking me to the US Air site since it’s a US Air ticket.
No worries - I click on that site and click “view seats” only for it to tell me it’s taking me to the AA.com site for seat assignment, where I started. Some sort of internet Mobius strip of some type.
I write a note to the webmaster at aa.com about the situation for them to send me back a canned “this is how you check your seats” response, obviously not reading my email. I somewhat patiently explain my IQ is higher than room temperature so maybe I had done that already and just maybe they have an issue. They’re looking into it.
So, I figure we’ll go “old fashioned” and I call the US Airways Chairman’s desk.
"Oh, we’re sorry sir, we can’t do anything since that flight is operated by American Airlines but we’ll get you over to someone there."
Cool - we’re getting somewhere. Speak to the American rep -
"Oh, we’re sorry sir but that’s a US Air ticket so we can’t do anything."
The best is I asked if there’s a customer relations number I could perhaps call to discuss my deep concerns - Oh, no Mr. Long - we shut that number off since we were getting overwhelmed with calls. You can email them and they’ll get back to you.
Let me get this straight - you’re the worlds largest airline and you have no customer care phone numbers because you’re overwhelmed? Brilliant. Genius in customer relations. Don’t like people complaining about your product - SHUT OFF YOUR PHONES! That will show them.
Makes for great loyalty - they are earning mine - NOT!

If you run that thru Google Translate and post it, the author might be mistaken for Franz Kafka :exclamation:

Nicely written, BTW.

Ernestine phone company sketch