Uploading Photo Bug - Bad handling of Airplane Registration


Here’s photo I’ve uploaded
Photo Courtesy of FlightAware.comhttp://e0.photos.flightcdn.com/photos/retriever/76d0d338d621a5bfc56b2a241ced6f9e864b36d6

I’ve entered the registration as it is, i.e. C-GRAI.

Searching for pictures for C-GRAI returns pictures for CGRAI and excludes my uploaded pictures under C-GRAI.

This is a bug.

Whey not removing any dash in the registation provided before saving the uploaded picture to the database if it is not to be process correctly and left as orphan in the system?

Also, how to edit/change that picture so it is filed in your database as “your way” so it is found when someone searches for either CGRAI and C-GRAI, since in this instance, your search functionnality do “remove” the dash entered by the user… same logic should be implemented when registation is inputted for a picture.

PS can someone edit that photo? Else I’ll delete it, but how, the system does not allow for this neither…


It should remove the dashes when you submit, I’ll ticket development to see why that’s not working.

It should also let you edit the registration, if that’s not working I’ll ticket development for that too.


When on the picture page (while logged in), at the bottom under the Photo Tags section I remove the dash from the registration and leave the rest as is. When clicking on “SAVE” it says “Invalid aircraft type”… but I did not change it, the Aircraft Type box already contains DHC8.

If I can help further, and if someone can edit the registration tail of this picture?

Thanks again


DHC8 isn’t a valid aircraft type, it should be DH8A (the -100), DH8B (-200), DH8C (-300), or DH8D (-Q400).

How did you enter DHC8 originally? On the uploader page?


No idea… but that’s what is (was) there, I’ve changed it and the tail as well. Some more checks and validation maybe on the photo upload form would be required.

Thanks again!