Upgraded my internet speed, enough for ADB-S?

Upgraded my internet speed, is this enough for ADB-S traffic? :laughing:

yes, by orders of magnitude…

10kb/sec to the server is a lot. you’re good.

I’m running a Flightfeeder and Fr24 receiver on a 2G mobile internet plan. :mrgreen:

I am guessing from the smiley face that wnypoker already knew the speed was more that sufficient. :slight_smile:

My link hosts two feeders feeding Flightaware, FR24 and PlaneFinder with no issues.

You can see how woeful my link is in the image below. :cry:

Oh and it only costs USD$85 per month. :imp:

Heh. Sorry, I was just so happy that I got to turn in my Time Warner cable boxes and switch to fiber. Pretty sure my family thinks I’m nuts, I’ll just giggle for a few seconds at random while online.

I would expect such a fast connection to cost a fortune but seeing as you are in the USA it probably costs less than what i pay for my super slow link.

With that sort of speed you needn’t mess about hosting a Flightaware feeder, just host Flightaware itself. :smiley:

Was in a planned brownfield FTTP area but change of Government saw it changed to FTTN (backwards move). I’m 750m (820 yards) from the node (vectored VDSL2) in cable length, 100/40 Mbps is out of the question. :confused:

At the moment I have a ADSL2+ connection but only get 13-15/1 Mbps sync speed, always max out the upload but have the ADS-B boxes as priority so no data is lost when it is maxed out.