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Update piaware-config.txt with all options

I’d like to see all the piaware-config.txt options (and any hidden ones not listed there) placed into the file, commented out and explained in there, so they can be uncommented and edited as needed. This will make it easier to interact with this file and the unit’s config in one place, without needing to reference external documentation or be aware that any exists to be referenced.

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You can simply copy&paste it from the FA website you linked to and do it by yourself

I remove everything I don’t need. The ‘leaner’ the file, the better.

Because that is standard practice in config files. It’s called self-documentation and makes the difference between a professional product and a “hackjob”

Pointless. The parser doesn’t care how many comments are in the file.

But my eyes prefer that way.

The beauty about standards is that there are so many to choose from.

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I used to be the same way but I learned a long time ago that it will burn you at some point. It also makes searching for things harder (since they are not there!)

I’m not saying you are wrong. This is good practice with professional stuff. For a hobby, not so much.

If you are doing this professionally, then the situation changes completely.

This part of the setup is the ‘necessary evil’ part, I don’t enjoy it.

I am good with a “hackjob” as long as it’s documented somewhere else

I personally prefer having a clean documentation rather than a 40k config file where i have to scroll back and forth

That is my opinion

I deliberately trimmed down the original version that had everything, because it was causing confusion (too many choices) - remember that a large chunk of the target audience for this is people who do not have any experience in editing config files. It probably needs even more trimming, tbh.

Maybe I could put a full-fledged version with every option in /usr/share/doc and reference that in the short/default version, so those who need it can get it.

I agree that the documentation in general needs improvement. Ideally I’d like to embed the documentation in the source and generate from there, otherwise it’s inevitably going to be out of date.


I appreciate it’s a balancing act. On the flip side I’ve seen confusion from people asking how to do things which are explained in the configuration web page, such as how to retain a feeder ID. In my experience with config files like this, if they are structured well, list all the options and an explanation as comments, and identify the default options that will be used, they are no more or less tricky to navigate than the current cut-down and somewhat jumbled version that needs options copying and pasting from the web.

The problem there is that those who want it then need to configure the existing cut-down version in order to boot the system to access /usr/share/doc anyway, so it doesn’t address the concern. It would either need to be in /boot as a file that’s ignored but can be renamed, or just have the one file and make its structure and content nice and clear as above.

Not really. There are very few options that are required to boot and gain remote access (the only one that springs to mind is the wifi ssid/passphrase if you only have wifi connectivity), and I can include a link to the online version.

That’s true, but this feature request isn’t aimed at those who just want to get it up and running any way at all. It’s aimed at those who have specific configuration requirements and would like to have all the advanced options to hand in order to configure that first boot correctly.

The way you’re proposing means that they have to boot without the advanced options they want in order to get access to the advanced template, then copy it and reconfigure that to use the advanced options they want and reboot, OR populate the existing config file using the options on the web as we all need to do anyway at the moment.

Either way fails to take advantage of having the advanced options immediately to hand from the off so that the device is configured correctly before it touches the network.

I think it’s easy to create a structured, fully featured config file and, in the file, direct complete beginners to the basic options needed to get online the way you describe, while all the additional options are present and commented for those who need them from the very start.

I’m fine with that; and it wasn’t your original objection.

It’s a feature request, that’s all.

All other lines specify configuration settings labeled piaware Open the file labeled piaware-config.txt The file will open in Notepad!!