Unusual route for CAL19



I noticed today an unusual flight path for China Airline Flight 19. I have a couple of screenshots for you to look at:

flickr.com/photos/kal_biro/8 … 3225713442

flickr.com/photos/kal_biro/8 … 3225713442

The portion of the path from JFK to Lake Superior was ADS-B based track. Then there is a long East-bound track to the correct flight path where tracking is radar based.

My guess is that the airplane followed the correct path shown as a blue dashed line but the information sent out by the ADS-B was incorrect. Has anyone seen anything like this? What could the cause be? Faulty GPS on the plane? Or could it have been an intentional spoofing of the GPS signal?


Ratty data… happens from time to time…


Look at the flightplan: GAYEL J95 STOMP J63 SYR YXI YXR YMO etc. - this corresponds to the green track line.

I’m guessing they went East round the weather then resumed the ‘normal’ track. There was indeed ratty data once they got close to Japan, but that’s a separate issue :wink: .


The blue dashed line corresponds to the flight over SYR. I believe the OP was referring to the continued flight into the weather to the west, out over Michigan, instead of going north. I would agree the flight went around the line of weather around the southern tier of New York state and then picked up the flight plan.


Doh yes, I meant West. Can’t tell right from left either :blush: