Unusual Pilatus PC12 activity

Take a look at some of these flight tracks. What’s up? Some of these flights are 17, 18, even 24 hours in length. Take a look at the history to see more.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N581 … /KIDA/KAOC

The ‘extreme’ durations appear to be erroneous since the flights are typically local. We may be receiving very delayed cancellation/arrival messages.

I remember some other wierd activity in that same area. There was a topic on FA about it within the last year.

This might also be due to the fact that most of Idaho is a non-radar enviroment at lower altitudes.
I’ve also noticed looking at tracks of flight I’ve flown in the last 3 months that, somtimes after landing the track will continue with my aircrafts data but it is another aircraft that departed just before or after I did. This has only occured at airports with out primary radar (they use radar from another facility) at the airport.

See discussions.flightaware.com/view … nvironment for how non radar environment is handled by the FAA and Flight Aware.