Unnannounced new feature?


Flight logs now show facility column??? (centers)

Will this be applied to past history flights?



I just noticed this myself and was wondering what it was as well…

Looks like some de-dupe stuff might not be working right anymore?

flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL9 … L/tracklog
flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL3 … X/tracklog

Also the chronology is a little confused on:

flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL9 … L/tracklog

Also Washington Center is listed as ‘D.C.’ center… but the radio name is Washington Center.


Yes, eventually. It should currently be present in most or all flights dating back about four weeks, and will eventually appear in all flight logs.

Neat, huh?


Good catch. Yes, we were leaking some bogus positions that had zero altitudes. That’s updated along with icons to distinguish Centers, TRACONs, and transoceanic position reporting. There is still a bug that occasionally pops up with the climb/descend arrows but that will be fixed shortly.



That IS a pretty sweet feature. I’m guessing the reason why 2 facilities are picking up a certain plane is because both radar sites are receiving the plane’s transponder??
Also, I’m wondering why L.A. Center would still be showing a plane minutes after it has landed.
Example: FDX1860


YES! Love it!

I don’t have to refer to my kneeboard, sloppy writing, barely readable frequency notations when people ask me which AARTC’s I flew through on my longer XC’s.




Correct. We’re already choosing a preferred position when there are multiple but haven’t propagated that out to the maps. Once it has been propagated, you won’t see those stair-step tracks or “mad slip” map aircraft heading being off by 30 - 90 degrees from the direction expected from the track.

That’s a good question. It really was in there, and there are other problems with that data, like the aircraft doesn’t move for several minutes and the altitude is incorrect.


As I do a small amount or research, I think the problem is exclusive with LA Center. Same thing happens with arrivals into LAX, ONT, and LAS, all are under LA Center. The radar hits appear on the track log, even though the plane has landed. And on the big maps, they appear to have missed the airport, but then “hover” a short distance away, in line with the runway. At SAN and LAX, they appear to stop just offshore. PHX and SLC don’t have the problem, they are under different centers.
Maybe something can be implemented to “arrive” the aircraft as soon at the local arrival tracon (or airport radar) stops picking them up…