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Unlisted delayed flights

I have been trying to monitor a Air Transat delayed flight which does not appear in the listings between Manchester and Toronto. The flight was scheduled for yesterday 28th May and was eventually rescheduled for today 29th May at the same time. The aircraft has now left Manchester Terminal T1some three hours after the rescheduled timing. Departing at 16:12 Flight NoTS207. Why is it not possible to track this flight? Is this the case for all rescheduled flights?

I see it here


Hi Jon

I had been on the website repeatedly but this didn’t show up.

Even after take-off I looked again and the en route in the activity log wasn’t there either I’ve not had this problem before, but also haven’t been looking for a flight delayed by over 24hrs.

Many thanks for your help. I can now track the progress of my wife flight.

Best regards


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