Unknown transatlntic 737 VPBQD


anyone know who this belongs to? flightaware.com/live/flight/VPBQD


Skyliner indicates it is a B737-83N of Globus/S7 Airlines being ferried DHT-YYR-MST for painting. It is ex-N301TZ.


that’s what i thought. i never heard of that website before until yesterday. it must belegit then


A pic on the web from the day you heard it…




How is it an unknown aircraft when you have the flight track and reg. number? I typed “Boeing VP-BQD” into Google and got tons of hits like this one:

planesregister.com/airline/A … b737ng.htm


must have been added recently b/c I couldn’t find any info. thanks.
p.s r u from the uk too?