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Unknown error when using dump1090 win to connect to ADSB receiver

decided to try out monitoring of a/c using ADS-B during lockdown.
got my hands on a ADS-B receiver+antenna, and receiver is connected to router and is on same network as my Win 7 computer.
i can ping the receiver at its IP address my plan is to use dump1090 win (dump1090-win.1.10.3010.14) to listen to the receiver at the receiver port 10003 and decode received messages. however, when i try to do this, it says unknown error and exits.
the batch file is currently just
dump1090.exe --interactive --net --net-only -net-bind-addr --mlat
is there a parameter to specify the port number to listen to?
any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.

Which ADS-B Receiver, which hardware, which Operating system?

If you want to run dump1090 on a different computer, the ADS-B Receiver needs to forward the data first.

If you have a Raspberry or similar running, then you should have dump1090 already installed on it

–net-bind-addr is for listening only on a specific network interface.
It’s not for connecting to some other receiver.

You’ll need other software …
But what is even the receiver you’re trying to connect to, if it’s an SBS model, those output some custom ugly format and you should probably just stick with their Basestation software.

If it’s a Radarcape or something similar, just use the existing interface on that IP.
Have you checked if you can access the receiver via browser, like this:

thanks for your reply.
i should have added, i am using the Radarcape from Jetvision.
i do not know which operating system it is running tho.
from what i read on the documentation, the device outputs data at different ports so it would appear that i do not need to get the receiver to forward the data.

hi there,
as mentioned earlier, it is a Radarcape receiver, and yes, i can access the receiver using the browser at the IP address.
it’s that i was trying to see if i can log the messages that have been received, in order to build up a record of flights over time. afaik, the web interfaces does not allow me to log the data.

i would have thought bind-addr will allow me to listen to the data from the receiver?
thx again

The radarcape devices are having the network ports open for collecting the data.

One of the most comfortable ways without too much knowledge required is using the Virtual Radar Server. It’s a .NET application which runs perfect on Windows.

The VRS does have a database recording plugin which allows you to store all flights by your receiver logged into a database.
I think it’s exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

Be aware that the device has to run all the time, otherwise not all records are logged.
Instead of using a Windows laptop, you can run it also on an additional Raspberry.

Technically it would be working installing in on the Radarcape itself, but the performance would be terrible.

that sounds like something i can look at!
alternatively, i also developed a simple program to listen and collect data from the port, i’ll update you on how it works out.

Yes, there is almost all the time more than one way to reach a goal
With some skills in Python or Shell programming you can also access the json output and create something nice

For me with very limited scripting skills, VRS with it’s database is the most comfortable solution.
As a backend they use SQLite which you can also access via external programs.