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Unknown 747 en-route to LAX


Any insight to this? :unamused:

Quick look at FAA registration site reports that “N” number belongs to a 1956 Beech G35…The Plot thickens.

And a filed airspeed of 99 knots…slow even for a bonanza. If it IS a 747 he must be taking I80 to I5.

I wonder if it’s a model 747-228B that was misidentified, of which there is only one in the FAA registry: N728SA

possible, a couple of other reg sites say it is ex-Air France, re-registered and is (was) to be broken up.
I’m still waiting for somebody in Stockton to report they saw it on I 5.

In a retro Northwest livery…

liveatc.net/archive.php go to LAX, get the correct time and listen to ATC, you’ll be able to ID the correct flight/tail number as well as type.