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UNIX time not matching text time

Please see the below XML:

{“long_desc”:“C-GURJ (CL60) departed Lincoln (KLNK) at 14:40 CST enroute to Toronto Pearson Int’l (CYYZ) for an estimated arrival at 17:16 EST”,“short_desc”:“C-GURJ (CL60) departed KLNK @ 14:40 CST for CYYZ ETA 17:16 EST”,“summary”:“C-GURJ has departed KLNK for CYYZ”,“eventcode”:“departure”,“alert_id”:28915588,“flight”:{“ident”:“CGURJ”,“aircrafttype”:“CL60”,“origin”:“KLNK”,“destination”:“CYYZ”,“filed_ete”:“01:36:00”,“route”:“LNK OFF CID OBK J547 FNT Q822 KITOK APDAX NUBER4”,“faFlightID”:“CGURJ-1578504388-3-0-43”,“filed_altitude”:410,“filed_airspeed_kts”:488,“filed_time”:1578515992,“filed_departuretime”:1578524400,“estimatedarrivaltime”:1578522625,“actualarrivaltime”:0,“actualdeparturetime”:1578516024,“estimated_blockin_time”:0,“filed_blockin_time”:0,“actual_blockin_time”:0,“estimated_blockout_time”:0,“filed_blockout_time”:0,“actual_blockout_time”:0,“filed_arrivaltime”:1578530160}}

Please note the displayed times are not indicating the same value.

The field “estimatedarrivaltime” equates to: January 8th @ 22:30 UTC.

The “long_desc” field shows: January 8th @ 17:16 EST.

17:16 EST is correct, we would like to know why the UNIX UTC time does not match the text time.

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations on our backend, the contents of the nested “flight” sub-array may rarely not always be synchronized with alert message text.

In some cases you can perform another FlightInfoEx call using the faFlightID as argument to receive more recent data than the “flight” sub-array included in the alert payload.