United to SXM

Did United recently stop flying into SXM? Was looking into flights and could not find anything direct from EWR. Checked arrivals/departures, and haven’t seen any recent United flights.

United still flies to SXM from EWR!

When?? I can’t find a single flight on United’s timetable.

It might be a seasonal thing.

United has flown to SXM year round. I don’t mean to be disparaging here, but in the past, this forum has consistently provided better answers than “it might be a seasonal thing”. It has typically been a place where you can find fact based answers, and not vague guesses.

It looks like United not servicing SXM currently is related to the recent hurricanes there, but I was not able to find any information to substantiate that, and was hoping that someone in this forum would be able to and maybe even offer insight into when service might resume.


I looks like there are some United direct flights to SXM starting in April 2018. But it doesn’t looks like everyday service. They are going every weekend. The weekday schedule seems quite sporadic though.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to do any harm. It was just a suggestion as I also searched for answers…

Have a good one.