United made a profit this quarter!!!


Go UAL, you actually made some money this quarter. When i read that in the Trib i was amazed. With there luck they will lose money next quarter and post a huge lost. Anyway, go United!!!


Thats good news! At least a few are making money.

Just read that Exxon posted 10 billion in profits this quarter…sigh…I’m gonna go for a bike ride.


The sad part is McDonalds has a better profit margin than Exxon-Mobil.


I don’t mind McDonald’s making money, how can you beat the dollar menu!? I can get a double cheesbuger, fries, and a fruit and yogurt parfait for the same price as one gallon of gas!


It’s a bit easier to cook a dead cow, cheese, and potatoes than to find and extract oil, transport it halfway across the world, refine it, produce gasoline, and distribute it.

Besides, if you try to enough bottles of water from McDonalds to add up to a gallon, you’ll realize gasoline is the cheaper liquid. :slight_smile:


A profit is a profit. Bigger is better, yes, but there are a lot of airlines that would kill to be $1 in the black right now. Good for UAL!! Maybe they can right the ship, get a few more profitable quarters under their belt, and put some cash away for a few 787s [followed by the “next generation” 737s]. 8)


I don’t doubt that there is more overhead in gasoline production, but that doesnt mean that the profits deserve to be 10 billion dollars! I’ll pay what it’s worth, but it’s getting a bit out of hand.
Ok, 'nuf hijacking of thread, sorry.


:smiling_imp: Not only that but McDonald’s will kill you or at least make you pretty ill in 30 days or less. I think first of all, United should take a good look at their employees and realize that without them they’d be Transmeridian, Independence air, Peoples express etc. You get the drift. Perhaps we should stop worrying about the fuel so much, feed Bin Lauden for a month at McDonalds, and Give all the hard working employees a raise and better benefits. Just think United, you may even have stock thats worth something then.


Key word there is QUARTER. 10 bill in one quarter.


The only way to afford gas is to buy stock in the oil companies.