United Airbus Skids Off Runway After Emergency Landing


United 497 declared an emergency immediately after takeoff from New Orleans yesterday due to smoke in the cockpit, and subsequently lost all instruments. Plane had to be vectored in for landing and ended up skidding off the runway.



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Click Here excellent update from Aviation Herald.


8th paragraph:

Cabin crew did not smell smoke or fumes nor did they observe haze, but noticed the cabin lights were turned off and the intercom ceased functioning.

2nd Paragraph:

A number of passengers needed medical attention due to smoke inhalation.

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On the plane, it is still at MSY. The other day it had all the doors open and looks like they were checking stuff inside. Today, there is a tug and other equipment at the front and looks like they might be checking out the nose gear.


Makes perfect sense. Passengers made up a reason for a lawsuit.


Yeah, right. Because medical professionals will treat people who are faking it.


Yes, they often do. I got rear ended at about ~10mph or so while just coming off a stop. While it didn’t hurt at all, my car did go into a ditch slightly. An ambulance came by to treat my neck, though I told them to not worry about it, I was fine.

If there was no smoke, and a few passengers needed to be treated, its more than likely because the passengers said they needed the treatment to have a case for a lawsuit.


Actually, they do because if they don’t, then the EMTs get sued as well because they DON’T check the people.

In OK, it is actually required that if a person declines medical treatment they MUST sign a waiver stating that they refused the treatment and it is signed by a witness, as well as the attending EMTs.