United 747 Economy Cabin IFE


I heard a while back that whilst United would not install seat back entertainment systems to their 747-400s, they would implement some kind of streaming service to laptops, tablets etc. Could anyone explain how it actually works, how many aircraft have the service and how reliable it is. Thanks! :wink:

It hasn’t been installed on any aircraft yet - it will be installed when they get onboard satellite wifi, which has just begun (and hasn’t been installed on any 747’s yet).

Basically you will log onto the Wifi that’s onboard the aircraft - you will have an option to pay to access the internet or you can see the movies that are stored on the aircraft’s hard drive for free over the wifi.

N104UA has been operating with cabin wifi for weeks if not longer.

Thanks for that information. Does anyone have any idea of the timeframe for the whole fleet?

That’s fine. United is so far behind other international carriers. I avoided them when i flew to Australia. I flew Air Canada . New planes backseat screens and less expensive. I do not want to have to carry my own electronics whenever i fly or have to use mine.