United 167 diverted due to12-14 sick passengers


Caught this on AOL
Plane With Ill Passengers Diverted to Chicago

Here is the flight track


138 pax on board. The 12 to 14 people who became ill were traveling within the same tour group. Still, I’ll bet the lawsuits are gonna go after UAL’s deep pockets. :unamused:


Yep - UA:'s deep pockets . . .

they probably all had a mcmuffin at the airport or something. . .


Most people with deep pockets have short arms.


Since when does UAL have deep pockets?


Since lawyers smell blood.


Well, they’re trying to make wine from raisins.


Two of the richest men on the face of the earth have dedicated themselves to giving away all of their money, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.


Question is where is it going…overseas mostly, when we need it here in this country.


It came from all over the globe, what’s wrong with disbursing it where it’s most needed in the opinion of the granter?