"unique_flights" parameter not working for /flights/search/positions endpoint


I am trying to find unique flights in a given area and timespan by searching for flight positions in a bounding box. Here is the URL I am using to accomplish this:


The unique_flights boolean parameter doesn’t seem to work as described here; I am seeing multiple positions for each fa_flight_id instead of a single position per fa_flight_id when providing either unique_flights=True or unique_flights=1.

Here is some partial output from that query showing multiple positions for a single fa_flight_id:

{'positions': [
{'fa_flight_id': 'SWA2515-1636856998-airline-0104', 'altitude': 332, 'altitude_change': '-', 'groundspeed': 556, 'heading': 98, 'latitude': 39.70093, 'longitude': -79.43073, 'timestamp': '2021-11-16T06:39:08Z', 'update_type': 'A'},
{'fa_flight_id': 'SWA2515-1636856998-airline-0104', 'altitude': 317, 'altitude_change': '-', 'groundspeed': 558, 'heading': 99, 'latitude': 39.68946, 'longitude': -79.33063, 'timestamp': '2021-11-16T06:39:38Z', 'update_type': 'A'},

Am I using this correctly, or is there something wrong with the /flights/search/positions endpoint or its documentation?


We’ve confirmed this issue and opened a ticket internally for it. Thanks for the report.

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