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Uninstall RadarBox from Piaware - how to?

Is there a way to uninstall Radarbox24 feeder from piaware? Preferably via a script.
There no uninstall info on Radarbox pages…

Tired of it spamming up every log are ya? :grinning:
(I am growing weary of it)

I think this should work:
sudo systemctl stop rbfeeder
sudo systemctl disable rbfeeder

I have not investigated it’s separate mlat instance - perhaps someone else can chime in there. The above should at least get rid of the service from running as well as on reboot for starters.

sudo apt purge rbfeeder

this should get rid of it.


Really simply and did work - thnx.
Any idea how to get rid of ADSB Exchange feeder, pls?

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Depends on when you installed.

Less than four weeks ago.

sudo systemctl disable --now adsbexchange-feed.service  adsbexchange-mlat.service

That should do it.


This is good, we have plenty of threads on how to install clients, perhaps we could get a full set of uninstall guides in here for the main ones.