Understanding Live Tracking screen

In following a flight on the live tracking screen I may see information such as this: JBU 767 A320
160 v 370

I understand (or so I think) that JBU refers to Jet Blue, 767 as its flight number, and A320, as the type of aircraft. KMCO TJSJ refers to the fact that the flight originated (according to the cities’ icao codes) in Orlando and that it is headed to San Juan. However, what does 160 v 370 mean?
At first I thought that maybe it referred to the flight level. However, I often see numbers in the 400 range (430, 450, etc.) therefore, I do not believe that these are flight levels since 43000 and 45000 are not flight levels that aircrafts would generally fly at.

Thanks very much for your anticipated response.


The three fields you’re missing are flight level, ascending (^) or descending (v), and ground speed in knots.

Cruising altitudes well into the mid 400s aren’t uncommon for business jets.

The only two to file and fly above 500 last week were a Citation X test flight and a NASA weather aircraft.