Unblocked numbers returning to blocked.


I went through of a list of N numbers I found online earlier of celebrities when the new blocked numbers regulation became effective. I noticed all of Travolta’s N numbers were available except his 707. Now today I rechecked his Gulfstream and it’s blocked again. Wonder if special treatment is at hand.


Of course there’s special treatment; a valid security concern is reason for a BARR exemption.

If you follow the news at all you should understand. I have no problem AT ALL with celebrities blocking their flights from the prying eyes of paparazzi and followers of a more sinister kind.


If these so called “celebrities” would just use NetJets or other services like that, they wouldn’t have to worry.

I still am waiting on several companies to get unblocked. But, then again, they are probably ashamed of their elaborate vacations at the expense of the shareholders.


All I’ve ever read is that aircraft numbers can be blocked if you can prove its a verifiable safety co0ncern, as in harm to yourself. Don’t believe that includes cameras.


N45AE and N405GJ are back on the BARR list!!
Yet all the other Air Ambulance companies are not- Pretty sure there was some fraud involved in those aircraft returning to the list.


Perhaps those that fly missions for the DOD can claim security needs…


I know for a fact that they don’t. Very Dishonest people.