unable to register flightfeeder; see error msg


Your entry was invalid. Please double-check the latitude/longitude coordinates and the serial number.

Used both digital and minutes-seconds format for coordinates. And 4 digit serial number from bottom of flightfeeder.
I have green light showing through bottom of unit.

Please suggest procedure and remedy.




FlightFeeder can only be registered from the same LAN network that the FlightFeeder is running on.
If you can’t access the registration page from the same LAN network you can send me the LAT/LONG and FlightFeeder serial number to register the box to an account.

You don’t need to register a FlightFeeder to have the data sent to FlightAware. Registration is for linking a FlightFeeder for stats purposes and for the perks of joining the FlightAware flight tracking network.




We are working to resolve your issue. Please refer to the case #42153 filed on your behalf on fogbugz.

Thanks for using FlightAware!

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Thank you for your hard work and patience!!