unable to install piaware on my rpi already running adsb

hi all tried to follow steps 1-5 for installing piaware on my already running ads-b rpi with dump1090 running to.

fails to install packages etc tcix or something, can’t copy and paste the code from putty as it just pastes it back into command line and renters it all.

bit of a mess and no idea why

Sounds like it might be a missing dependency or something of that nature hard to tell without an error message.

What I do to copy and paste in PuTTY is…

Highlight the text I want to copy.
Don’t click anywhere on the screen afterwards.
Type “nano somefilename”
Once nano is open right click in it.
Exit nano without saving.
Paste the text where you want to.

Thanks all sorted my software needed updating then it fetched all the missing dependent files

In Putty,

Highlight text to copy - no need to clickky

Right click to paste

also in putty, when you first open it - it comes up with ‘Putty Configuration’.

Select Window > Colours on the left menu and check / tick ‘Use system colours’ (so it uses windows colours)


Select ‘session’ in the left menu,
Highlight ‘Default Settings’

Highlight text to copy - no need to clickky

Good to know! Learn something new everyday.

Done thanks