Unable to find wireless network after enabling updates

I received the email from Flightaware to update my PiAware. Updates weren’t enabled from the my stats page on Flightaware, so I went on to my Pi and ran the ‘allow-auto-updates’ and ‘allow-manual-updates’ commands, and now nothing works.

My wireless network status shows as ‘wlan0 down’.

The system log says ‘connection to adept server at failed: couldn’t open socket: network is unreachable.


Merely changing the manual/auto-updates config doesn’t touch your wireless settings; something else has broken.

Thanks. I can’t figure out what though. Any ideas where I could start?

Use these commands and show the output:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Maybe something isn’t updating correctly giving you problems.

Take a look at the output of the following commands (wait 10 seconds before the second)

sudo wpa_cli -i wlan0 scan
sudo wpa_cli -i wlan0 scan_results

Does it list your WiFi name?

I connected to my network using an Ethernet cable to try that and requested the update but it didn’t complete properly, and it now won’t boot (showing Kernel panic-not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179, 6 )). I’ve seen the fix for this but when I hold down shift to boot to recovery mode it doesn’t work, so I can’t apply the fix (seen here sd card - Kernel panic-not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown- block(179,6) running Raspbian on top of NOOBS - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange).

So, I’ve given up and just bought a new SD card from ModMyPi! Thanks anyway.

Don’t you have an sd-card reader?

Just write a fresh image to the sd-card.
(piaware or Raspbian Stretch Lite)

Obviously you’ll need to redo the configuration.
If it’s a piaware image you could save the piaware-config.txt somewhere else and put it back after writing the new image.

Sorry I’m not very advanced on this stuff - I have an adapter so can get my laptop to read what’s on the SD card, yeah.

I’m not sure what writing a fresh image is and how I go about it?

Start with Step 2 of this page:

PiAware - build your own ADS-B ground station for integration with FlightAware - FlightAware

Aha! So if I format the SD card then follow those steps I should be good to go? And if I save the current piaware-config.txt file and then copy in when I’ve done a fresh image my config should be the same?


You may need to set your old feeder id but that’s easy.
(For Beginners - How to Get Back Existing Station Number in A Fresh Install)
Just add it to the piaware-config.txt when putting it back on the freshly written card.

All sorted! Thanks very much for the advice.

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