Unable to enter new aircraft


I call up the form to enter new aircraft. I enter aircraft ID N441M. The Flight Tracker to the left of the form titled “Flight/Tail #” is immediately filled in with INVALID. I enter the remainder of the form but the SAVE button is never enabled. How do I enter a new aircraft? Why is N441M invalid?



Did you enter weights and a dry operating cost?


Yes, as well as navigation equipment, home base, etc. I even tried entering survival equipment, minimal though it is.


I think we just resolved that issue, can you try again?


OK – the INVALID no longer appears but I still don’t get a SAVE CHANGES button.


Are there any errors at the bottom of the page below the buttons?

Can you try holding down shift, clicking reload, and then trying it?


No error messages. Reloaded. Even restarted the browser.


OK – I see. We definitely just fixed it and confirmed you. You may have to hold down shift and reload first, but you should not have any more problems.


I was having the same problem but now I could register a new aircraft. However, when entering the performance data, when I try to go to the second page it occurs an error. In the bottom of the page appears the following mesage:

Service interruption
We’re sorry, but FlightAware has encountered an unrecoverable error and is unable to process your request at this time. Please wait a few moments and try your request again. If the problem persists, please contact us.


Climb, Cruise, or Descent?

What altitude/weights did you enter?


It is now working for me. Now for the task of entering performance profiles…


It worked for me too. Just one other doubt:

Do I have to fill each blank space at a time? Can’t I copy an Excel Table for example?

Thank you,


If you have it in an Excel table (or an electronic POH) email it to performance@flightaware.com and we’ll enter it for you.