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Unable to downgrade XML3.0 Plans! Unreasonable Charging!

I am a silver user of XML3.0. I kept trying to downgrade my plans to a free user because I don’t need the data anymore. However, I find the DOWNGRADE button is useless. It can direct me to the pages of changing plan, but I am still a silver user after I changed my plan.

Also, based on the pricing scheme, a silver user will pay 49.5$ per month. However, I find that I was charged 4 times from Mar 4th to April 4th. How does this happen? Is there anyone who has the same experience like me?


Sorry about the confusion. Let me check out what’s going on and get this resolved for you!

Do you have any conclusions? Still cannot downgrade my account!

It looks like the previous downgrade failed but I can confirm your account is now at our Free Starter plan. Also, per my last email, the refunds were processed for the extra charges in in March. Sorry for the trouble.