flightaware.com/live/flight/UJT6 … /KVNY/KTEB supposedly Whitney Houston is being transported home on this aircraft, saw a live shot earlier of a Gulfstream on the runway and they said her body was on it. My question would be how do you get a casket thru a Gulfstream door and inside, I’ve been in a couple and it doesn’t seem possible with all the cabinetry and stuff in the way??
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confirmed by a universal jet pilot- she is on that flight


…“how do you get a casket thru a Gulfstream door”…

I was thinking exactly the same thing. Seems like you’d have to remove half the interior (cabinets, couch, etc) to transport it, much less getting it inside.


Spoke with a couple of “G” pilots here in North Jersey last night. They agree there’s noway to get a casket on
a G-IV.

They suggest the body was probably in a body bag.


Human remains are usually shipped in a Zeigler case, a sealed metal container, on an airtray, a wooden pallet with a heavy paperboard lid and sides.

A Ziegler case is approximately 6 1/2 ft long, so I suppose that would fit in the baggage compartment with no problem.

Not one of my favorites types of cargo.


Was it supposed to go into Teterboro? The original flight plan says KMMU.


If I had to guess I’d say that was to prevent “fans” from showing up at the airport. Travolta used to do that before he blocked his aircraft.


I’m guessing this is the aircraft based on how it looks like they number their flights.



Ah. I see the tail number mentioned now in the second link the OP posted.


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I think they went straight from the Coroner to the airport so she was probably in a body bag. That was only about 48 hours after death and the body had been refrigerated by the Coroner. The body would not have been embalmed by the Coroner. This was a private operation so they could do whatever they wanted. The cargo section of a GIV is big enough to hold a body. Airlines require an air tray, which are huge, very bulky and also heavy combined with the inner container and body. Air trays have to be used with at least an approved container holding the body. The container might not be a casket but rather a container often used in cremation.

Air tray http://www.mcdonaldcontainers.com/airtray.php


Thanks for repeating a good bit of what I said at the top of the post. :wink:


Sorry, I was just sharing my experience as a Funeral Director having packed/unpacked and shipped hundreds of air trays. I can single hand almost anything or any body :laughing: but those require at least two sets of arms and legs.

Now that you mention it, I’m not sure you could get an airtray in the back of a GIV. We used to use stock ford/chevy station wagons (complete with wood siding) and we could barely fit them. That opening is a lot bigger than the cargo door of a G.


Just giving you a hard time. I thought about an airtray, but at 7 1/2 ft or so, that’s not going to fit in a Gulfstream cargo area.
That’s why i figured a Zeigler case would be the most likely. It presents a dignified, casket like exterior while still being a reasonable length, typically 6 1/2 ft or so.