uh, Houston we have a problem

Over the last 15 minutes I noticed a problem with the airport page I was on. So, in the interest of being helpful, and having nothing else to do I tried a different airport. Same problem…
After originally selecting the airport everything comes up as advertised, but when the page updates the little map comes up centered on Teterboro. Not that there’s anything wrong with KTEB. You can use the little world icon and recenter on the right airport but at the next update you are transported to New Jersey again. Not that there’s anything wr…never mind.

John in Saudi

Seems to be OK now.

Sounds like my nightmare. Every time I turn around I’m in Teterboro.

I actually made it there twice last month- I’ve got a voucher from Atlantic Aviation for a free $5 AXEX

One card huh, wow.

yeah i only bought like 110 gallons to get back to FXE I was lucky they gave me that

That was the best title line to a thread I’ve read :slight_smile:

I agree! Good thinking porterjet! :smiley:

A staff member had a similar issue the other day and we all called him crazy. I’ll pass it on to the mapping team.

Was he stuck in Teterboro too?

I thought of the title a few days ago, then had to wait to find a problem!

John in Saudi

You’re not supposed to tell us that! :laughing: :laughing:

No, he was stuck at Hobby.

Very dizzy right now.


Now you have to collect $200 worth of coupons to even get a card, and the coupons expire at the end of the year. Used to be the best rewards program, now it kind of sucks unless your Atlantic based. I’m into the Phillips Wing Points now. Just got my first $25 gift card after only a month and a half!

99% of the places I go we take round trip fuel. And then if we need fuel it’s at an Island that we have to pay cash or use the AMEX. But on the off chance I get to buy fuel in the USA how do I sign up?

Just fill out the pamphlet they have at Phillips locations. Even works with contract fuel. Some of the islands probably have it too.