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UDP MLAT Traffic limited

Any idea what that means?


My device works without issues, also the network from there is working.

I used the search here but find posts from 2016 only.
I assume there’s nothing i need to do, or?

Well, that message is an issue, so how can you say that you have “no issues”?

If you are connecting over WiFi, do a WiFi sweep with a smartphone (for example use WiFi Analyzer), maybe a new router appeared around you and packet collisions makes you lose samples. You can then try to change the channel, but in my experience the 2.4GHz band is super crowded.

Because others feed sites do not see it. In addtion my stats on FA at the given time are normal.
I did not change anyhting after approx an hour the error went away

It’s (unfortunately) fairly normal to get some level of UDP loss. It may be happening elsewhere on the route between your system and FlightAware’s servers, out of your control. mlat will still function with some packet loss (just not quite as well, obviously)