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UAT stats are down

Did you guys restore your system from a backup? The last time I checked I had logged over 600 UAT aircraft and had over 100,000 positions. Today: 597 aircraft, 92,962 positions.

Not a problem, just curious.

There is no grand total for all time anywhere on the stats page.

Everything is either for a day or a rolling average.

Oh OK. Since I started reporting UAT on April 26 I had only seen the number go up until today. So I assumed it was a running total.

The average is calculated over the last 30 days so that would be up to 16 May 2021 at the moment of this message
Only thing that is counting up is the longest streak but then again if you have a day of downtime then it would restart that as well

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OK, thanks. So I guess I’m getting about 600 UAT aircraft per month.

If you are talking about the Aircraft Reported and Positions Reported charts, those would be actual daily counts. The 30 Day Site Ranking list shows a rolling total of aircraft and positions over the last 30 days. Finally, the Nearby Sites list shows the 7-day median of positions and of aircraft, but note that these values are calculated separately - so my 7 day median for aircraft might have happened yesterday, while my 7 day median for positions might be last Saturday.

Essentially, it looks like they take the 7 most recent entries in the Aircraft Reported chart for example, throw away the 3 highest and 3 lowest values, and use the one that remains.


Yes. That’s what I was talking about. Thanks for the explanation of the Site Rankings.