UAL - Full motion sims, still available ?

I think UAL used to allow access to there full motion sims, anyone know if they still do ? Also, I thought one of the FlightAware members actually did attend one of these sim sessions…If anyone knows how to access this service from UAL that would be great !

Yes, United still does their simulator training in Denver. However, the devices are >$1M and cost hundreds of dollars an hour to use. Additionally, there are strict security and qualification requirements to use the devices due to their value and security concerns after 9/11, etc. It is my understanding that in order to rent time on them, you must be a pilot for an airline operating the aircraft you’re trying to train in and have a qualified flight instructor in the sim, etc.

However, I can admit that Karl (CTO of FA) and I were invited as guests a few months ago, so we each now have a few hours of B777 time under our belts including FMS, approaches, emergencies, single engine operations, thunderstorm penetration, and even tough & gos. However, the most “classic” part was getting to flip this switch as first officer when we entered IMC while departing LAX.

Back in the day, my father wired/installed the full motion simulators for the now defunked Eastern Airlines out at MIA. As reward they let him try one out …he crashed of course!!! Wish I had gone out there then with him…would have been pretty neat.