UAL 408 HNL-SFO diverting back to HNL

Just heard on liveatc a dispatch patch connection via SF radio that they have a left engine bleed overheat. As I type this they are talking to maintenance but it looks like they have done all they can and are heading back to HNL. … /PHNL/KSFO

update 1115Z: Chicago dispatch has them burning fuel down to a maximum landing weight of 198,000 lbs before landing.

1155Z: FL 290 In the holding pattern burning down fuel.

1157Z “Status Just Landed! (taxiing to terminal 3, gate 7)” negatory. decending and it looks like about 15 minutes from landing rwy 8L at HNL.

1211Z landed

Would the first hold be to work the problem and second to burn the fuel? Just wondering why they didn’t finish the burn at the first holding location.

That is probably right. As I was listening they were on a patch to maintenance during the first hold. The second hold was to burn down to landing weight. I also think they wanted to be closer to HNL in case it turned into a more serious problem. A bleed hot light means the temp sensors outside the bleed air duct are detecting abnormally high temperatures. The warning light went out when they turned off the left engine bleed which feeds the left a/c pack which is also one of the pressurization sources. Unfortunately that takes them out of ETOPS approval and they had no choice but to head back. If the light had not gone out it is a return for immediate landing since there is potentially really hot air leaking out and blowing onto other components or lines.