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UAL 1039 turn around

found this odd path while browsing today:


anyone here that could shed some light??

looks like a glitch to me :unamused:

If you were to happen to check the UAL website you’d see it returned to Aruba. It happens.

checked it and knew that already…just wondered why

Won’t know unless you track down someone on the flight, at UA or it was significant enough of an event to make Avherald.

If you were the Captain and the airplane had a bit of a problem would you rather divert to Aruba or Newark?

( I know, the MEL and the regs say land at the nearest suitable airport…it was a fun answer.)

Who’s this Mel you speak of??? :laughing:

Mel, one of the greatest writers of our time,
“It’s twoo, it’s twoo.”

Sweet mystery…

ladyofthecake.com/mel/frank/ … istery.wav

( a .wav file of the MEL being discussed)