U-Bolt Part Number

I am using the FlightAware (external) antenna, clamp and u-bolt. I would like to attach a second u-bolt to the clamp. Is there a part number that I could use to locate the u-bolt (for purchase) online? The local hardware chains (viz. Home Depot & Lowe’s) have the equivalent size but the bolt diameter is too thick for the clamp (don’t want to drill a larger hole if I can avoid it even at an expense). Thanks.

I have no idea about the part #, but you could measure the bolt diameter and order one with the same diameter.

If I remember correct the antenna itself comes with two U bolts. You have lost the other one, or what?
Check some online stores :wink:
Like this one:

Must have lost the second one! :cry: I use Bolt Depot for all the M3/M2.5 stuff. I’ll check their catalog. Thanks a bunch. Rgds.

Yup, eyeballing didn’t help - bad eyesight (can’t blame the tool). Note to myself: measure! Thx for the suggestion. Rgds.

Here are the measurements in millimeters:
The nut size is 10mm (I think that is 3/8 in USA)
Width of the bolt (measured in the inside between the two threads) is 43mm (I think that makes 1 inch and 3/4 US).
The length is 75mm, measured from the top most part of the bracket, so I am guessing it’s actual size to be some 70mm (which is 2 inches and 3/4 US).
And the u bolt that has the exact same properties as the ones above is the one in the link:


I owe you one! Your assist will overcome my handicap. Thanks.


Do not forget to get two nuts and some washers too :wink:

The correct size is M6x42mm, which has 48-50 mm cc for the studs/holes.

You also need 2 M6 nuts + locking washers ( or M6 nyloc nuts )

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Yes, I like the use washers for these situations. The ones at Home Depot
and Lowe’s did not have washers. Rgds.