Typical high-bypass turbine oil capacity & consumption


I am curious to find out the typical high-bypass turbine engine oil capacity and hourly oil consumption, e.g. for a 767 and/or 747 Atlantic crossing. I realize these numbers will be different for variious engine manufacturers, and other parameters, however I am interested in “average” values.
Thanks for this info!


I doubt it’s very much. My PW-306As don’t eat much oil at all on a 5 hour leg.


I agree, not much. about 1/2 to 1 pint per 10 hours or so. Plenty of capacity in the tank.


Required oil capacity is dictated by F.A.R. s in the certification process. The maximum leak/consumption rate per hour as established by the engine manufacturer during certification for an in service engine (not brand new) is multiplied by the fuel capacity (in hours) of the airframe that it powers. Thus 5 hours range X leak/consumption + a margin that I do not know = the required oil capacity. These rates were first established in the round motor/early turbine engine days and were quite large and a DC3 held gallons ? of oil. Vipers on old Hawkers consumed large quantities of oil thus the old saying, check the fuel and fill it with oil. As my A&P is quite rusty and I am too lazy to look up the numbers for my references, I tender this post as an informative tool rather than a technical one.