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Two subscription of same flight gets alert for only one


   On may 18th we subscribed for 'LH8188' on "May 19th, 2020 1:17 PM IST" having subscription_alert_id = 34125600. Similarly subscribed for another flight 'LH8188' on "May 18th, 2020 6:25 PM IST" having subscription_alert_id = 34122550.

 We only received the departure event of "34125600" on May 20th, 2020 11:03 PM IST but not received a single event for "34122550".

 Why such inconvenience happen?? It's urgent please reply ASAP.

Sorry for the confusion, it looks like these flights were actually operating as Lufthansa Cargo (GEC8188).

On May 20th some data sources initially identified the flight as DLH8188, but after departure it was found to really be operating as GEC8188, which was also being tracked as a separate flight at the same time. This meant that the DLH8188 flight matched by the alert was no longer tracked, but not cancelled in the traditional sense either. This is why there wasn’t a cancellation alert.