Two shot crashing thru gate at Luke Air Force Base . . .

A stolen car with two persons inside, crashed thru the main gate at Luke Air Force Base. The car was smashed and stopped, as the guard walked towards the car, the car reportedly speed at the guard - who then opened fire.

Huffington Post Story


Good for the guard! :wink:

Exactly - too bad his aim wasn’t just a little better - it would have saved us taxpayers some more money. In these times, every little bit helps.


If you’re going to crash the gates at a military installation, come heavy…
The EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle … hou?hpt=C2

Given the security stance at major military installation these days, that truly was an idiotic (but unsurprising) move on their part.

Good for the guard, he deserves a commendation for acting decisively and appropriately.

The problem is that the idiots breached an access and made it all of the way to the center of the base’s roadway system before they ran a road block where security forces opened fire.

I don’t know where they breached the installation, but I highly doubt that it was at either of the three main entrances. I’m guessing that they entered at a “softer” base housing area entrance. They were making their way toward the more critical areas when they encountered the road block atop a bridge that links the support/BX/housing side to the operations side.

I imagine that there will be some serious access evaluation, followed by reinforcement of certain access points.

That’s pretty funny… Texas Ranger at 0:58? :wink:

Naaah. Just some guy who was watching too much “Walker, Texas Ranger”!

Then that would be me if it was a guy who watches to much Walker Texas Ranger! :laughing: