Two aircraft collide near Titusville, FL


Just saw it on CNN, apprently home built aircraft.


Link to Local news reporting


Reported as a RV-8, and a (N244CU) Velocity XL.

"Gaenicke said the first plane that contained the two people who were killed was on the ground; the second plane was circling and was attempting to land and collided with the other plane.

Both planes were home built aircraft. The plane that was struck on the ground was described as an RV-8; the second plane attempting to land was described as a Velocity aircraft.

This afternoon, Gaenicke explained how the accident is believed to have occurred. He said the Velocity aircraft landed at a high-rate of speed and was coming up on another aircraft. The pilot attempted to do a go-around, a maneuver where he attempts to add power to take off again. While doing that, the pilot veered off into a median between the runway and taxiway and struck the RV-8.

Warning; photos of both aircraft moments after collision. … crash2.jpg … crash1.jpg


That’s awful.


I photographed this airplane about ayear ago. Here’s the photo at KTIX:

Tragic story


Looking at that image – is that typical condition of the apron at Titusville?


That was a side area behind some hangars. I was at the airport for the TICO airshow in March 2007. I believe it is a pretty decent facility overall.


Home Video Released Of Fatal Titusville Plane Collision released; March 6/08.


Alternate link of video should anybody have problems playing video Robbreid provided.


Thanks. I couldn’t get the other one to go.