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It’s clearly receiving something, otherwise you wouldn’t have the pretty waterfall in gqrx and sdr#. So this test you are proposing is gonna work just fine, but it’s not helpful in this case.

My guess is that something in the analog frontend of the unit is shot. This results in basically zero actual signal coming in.


Disconnect SMA antenna cable connector from dongle, and insert a 7 cm piece of wire in the center hole of the SMA-Female of Flight Stick (keeping the stick vertical so that the wire is also vertical). Check if you receive any signal with this temporary antenna.

Thin steel tie wire, or one of multiple wires of scrap netwok cable will do the job


Yeah, good call. Maybe the antenna cable is shorted.
PS: Small paperclip works too.


Good idea, as paper clip is very handy, but only small paper clip. The hole of SMA-Female is very fine, and only a thin dia wire of small paper clip can be inserted in it.


FlightStick with small paper clip antenna, cut to 70mm length


Screeshot at 1:05 am in night, very low traffic at this hour


Go to sleep! :joy:

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