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Trying to enable Position-only flights in account

I am trying to enable position-only flights in my account I have the proper box checked but get the message "sayingTracking data for position-only flights is incomplete and potentially inaccurate. "

Yes. The thousands of flights squawking 1200, 2000 or other STD codes on Mode A/C are difficult, if not impossible, to differentiate.
A flight really needs to be assigned a discrete code so that it can be uniquely identified.

That is just a warning, it does not mean it is not activated.

the reason I am wanting to enable this is so I can keep track of the flights I make in my plane.

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While Mode A/C aircraft are just ignored by flightaware, a discrete code is not required.

The Mode S hex code or ICAO code that is programmed in every Mode S transponder should be unique in the world.
So that is quite enough to identify individual flights.

It’s just a warning. What is the actual problem?

If you fly low and slow the flightaware logic might not count your flight as a flight.

Have you searched for your tailnumber already?

Without ADS-B your flights will most likely not end up on flightaware as MLAT can’t properly identify takeoff and landing and flightaware chooses not to display incomplete data.

Have you set your tailnumber as IDENT in your ADS-B transponder? That might enable you to easier search for it on flightaware.

Mode A/C are not ignored by Flightaware. Not many devices send the information, however, it can be enabled on at least dump1090 and the radarcape. It can be used but only if a unique transponder code is used and probably needs to be match to the FAA ( or regional Flight services).

If you have ADS-B (1090ES) and are flying within our terrestrial ADS-B network coverage area then position-only tracking should work well for you. If you have 978UAT as your ADS-B solution our coverage is currently much more limited.

We may get positions from the FAA as well when you are using flight following, however we will not get a flight plan for your flights.