Trump Flying to KLGU

Does anyone have a clue as to why in the world Donald Trump has filed a flight plan to KLGU? What could he possibly want to do in Northern Utah?

There’s some mighty fine skiing in northing Utah.

I remember being stuck in Logan one time, trying to get back to SLC, and they were having some parade/car show thing going on at 11pm, and most of the main roads were backed up. I was pretty frustrated at the time, but it was neat looking back at it.

After submitting my initial post, it looks like either FlightAware has incorrectly listed KLGU as the intended destination of Trump, or whoever filed Trump’s flight plan inadvertently listed LGU instead of LGA as Trump’s next destination. It doesn’t take 4+ hours to get from PDX to LGU in a 727!

A look at the scheduled route would confirm this. I guess skiing isn’t in Trump’s future after all. :wink:

Wonder when Trump’s pilots will catch the incorrect flight plan, assuming that it is infact their error and not some weird glitch with FlightAware? I suppose it may not be noticed until Clearance Delivery is contacted. Any thoughts?

The real question is why are we displaying LGA on the map for a flight from LAS to PDX…

looks like the incorrect flight plan was caught since the actual route flown was back to LGA . . . there were 2 flight plans -

looks like he left after dinner and got home @ 2a, . . ah the stress of being the boss.

He’s been in West Palm for a few days. Looks like the ol’ 7-2 needs a little bit of work.

And a close look shows that, like Trump himself, things are hiding behind a very thin veneer.

Does anyone have a picture of Rosie’s jet?

Yeah - here ya go…

The ONLY one that can lift her!